Music library

So after a few days of trying to get Ampache to work, I am giving it up and attempting to import my library into Sonerezh.

It certainly is not the fault of Ampache. I simply do not have the time to put toward figuring out the rather cryptic and involved configuration issues. The website installed quickly and easily, but the ability to actually produce audio streams has been a complete failure.

Contrariwise, Sonerezh was able to get up and running within about 10 minutes of landing on their website for the first time. That is good, but an overly-simple script could do the same thing, so the test was actually getting music files imported, and being stream, and here we ran into some issues.

First, and worst, I was unable to get the cli tool working for imports. Since I have roughly 20,000 tracks total (a very large number of which are duplicates – my archives are in lossless .flac, but I transcode to lossy .ogg or .mp3 to save space and bandwidth) the time to import via a browser script is insanely high.

Photo of Ma Rainey in 1917
Blues singer Gertrude Pridgett “Ma” Rainey[en.WP], photo 1917, from Commons.Wikimedia.Org
But that is exactly what I had to do, or at least start, because of an unknown CakePHP permissions error. That is, on this occasion the cause is unknown, because the exceptionally common permissions problems getting the cake cli script to run are not extant on my box. I checked. In fact, I checked dozens sites, documentations, issue trackers, tutorials, etc. CakePHP is, apparently, riddled with permissions problems when run anywhere except by the web server.

After the first half-dozen restarts of the script I have increased memory and max-execution to frightening (to me, as the sysadmin) levels. And it is currently still running, although at an exceptionally sluggish pace last I checked. Oops, spoke too soon, it was dead. Restarted. And it has managed to chew its way up to 8469 tracks.  And there it is stuck. <sigh>

Peter Cat Recording Co. first album.

Which, however, actually do stream! I forgot to mention that bit. Between import script restarts I did a test run of the listening side of things. It works! of course, it also revealed a few other problems. Like I have probably 4235 imported tracks in need of metadata or edits. <bigger sigh> Having thousands of tracks and albums which are not easily searchable makes it slightly pointless. At least, of the tracks imported, one can actually find most of them. The problem lies in being able to, for example, search by genre (only 48% have this set) or find all the music/bands an individual recorded on (e.g. Robert Fripp[en.WP], who was band member, soloist, collaborator, and/or session musician under about 60 different band names.)

So adding yet-another-personal-website to the stable means I have divided my available time being eaten by projects by one more. I think I should give up sleeping for Lent.

But today is the first day of Spring! and other things to make me feel good.