Forgotten research

Birth card for Wilfred Jerome Gagne, 1905, amended 1959

[Another draft discovered in the backlog, from 14 September 2019]

A long time ago in a galaxy far different from ours today (a year and a half ago-ish) I managed to track down a small trove of birth certificates online, which I promptly sent to myself. And which I just received today ‘cuz, well, I am cleaning out my inboxes. Continue reading “Forgotten research”


After weeks of false starts, there is a chance for me to get over to the island and splash the boat. But the insurance company is not open on the stat holiday, so I cannot get the license required to pull the trailer on the road. Continue reading “Augh!”

Boat canvas

Photo of a dodger's frame with vital measurements identified.
The important measurements when designing a dodger.

The single most-important upgrade we identified for our last boat was a . When beating to windward it gives you a spot out of the wind and spray. Motoring through a windless, rainy day keeps the rain out of the cabin while letting fresh air below. On a chill, damp morning you can slide open the companionway hatch without fear, and stand there sipping the morning caffeine, enjoying the silence. Continue reading “Boat canvas”

Tired of being chilled

I have spent nearly the entire day trying to warm up to where I was under the blankets this morning. Socks, slippers, tee shirt under button down… the only reason I am not wearing long johns is both of them are in the wash at the moment. I was working in the bedroom with a blanket on my lap and a stocking cap on my head most of the afternoon.

I am ready for more spring than we have gotten so far.

Photo by Alex on Unsplash