After weeks of false starts, there is a chance for me to get over to the island and splash the boat. But the insurance company is not open on the stat holiday, so I cannot get the license required to pull the trailer on the road. Continue reading “Augh!”

Boat canvas

Photo of a dodger's frame with vital measurements identified.
The important measurements when designing a dodger.

The single most-important upgrade we identified for our last boat was a . When beating to windward it gives you a spot out of the wind and spray. Motoring through a windless, rainy day keeps the rain out of the cabin while letting fresh air below. On a chill, damp morning you can slide open the companionway hatch without fear, and stand there sipping the morning caffeine, enjoying the silence. Continue reading “Boat canvas”

Tired of being chilled

I have spent nearly the entire day trying to warm up to where I was under the blankets this morning. Socks, slippers, tee shirt under button down… the only reason I am not wearing long johns is both of them are in the wash at the moment. I was working in the bedroom with a blanket on my lap and a stocking cap on my head most of the afternoon.

I am ready for more spring than we have gotten so far.

Photo by Alex on Unsplash


Dear corporate webmasters,

You know how you all decided to remove the article timestamp from your corporate blogs, as a way of maintaining traffic to old articles you do not have time to keep updating? It might work.

But your website is now relegated to the “yah, maybe, a long time ago” cob-web class of resource.

No one accepts that kind of an article as an authority. It is really good evidence of out-of-date bad advice. It is now my number one question when someone says “But so-and-so says such-and-such.” “Yah? what’s the date on that article?” “Doesn’t say.” <click trash>

But I remember companies which keep spreading undated crap, and avoid them like influenza.

Civic duties

Copyright © 2013 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

One of the responsibilities of a citizen, in Anglo-American judicial systems, is to participate, when requested, as a juror.

My number has come up in Marshall County, Minnesota. Continue reading “Civic duties”