Flakey server(s)

No, the servers are not having issues.

I have a new device, and trying to get it integrated into the network is… not going smoothly.

At some point it will be running. Until then, the server(s) may randomly be offline for brief periods of time.


I ordered a Raspberry Pi kit. I was supposed to hear from them within 3 business days. Today is the 5th business day, 7th day since ordering.

Serious grumbling is in order.

Unknown public domain books…

Back in the first half of the 20th century getting a copyright required filing for it with the U.S. Library of Congress. A simple form filed would result in a 28-year copyright term. And, at the end of that term you could file again for a second 28-year term.

But in practice very few books or stories were worth the time filling out the renewal form, especially those short stories published in magazines and various pulp-fiction titles. Continue reading “Unknown public domain books…”