The Liberals are rolling out their fall campaign. Every week they roll out a new A collage image of the Parliament building the logos of the Bloc Québécois, Liberal, Green, New Democratic Party, and Progressive Conservative parties.initiative, looking for the slogan which will hook the voters, and keep them in power.

Last time that slogan was “2015 will be the last federal election conducted under the first-past-the-post voting system”[O] Continue reading “#Canadapoli”

Non-coffee update

So I am more than three months into this no-coffee lifestyle. I am beginning to get the hang of it. Eight ounces of tea leaves (what the heck is up with selling leaves by the ounce, anyway? 225 g) will keep me caffeinated for a month. The small tea pot makes just enough to fill the large latté cup with room for a splash of cream. 3-4 of those a day keep me going.

Life tools: Exodus

We all know we are being spied on.

The surveillance economy cuts you up and sells you in pieces to anyone able to pony up enough cash. The Koch brothers have bought dossiers on nearly every legal voter in the USA, which they use to manipulate elections in the country. The data which drives i360, Data Trust, and Cambridge Analytica is as likely or more likely collected – not only on Facebook, Youtube, or other social media platform – but on your personal devices.

But you can spy on the spies. Continue reading “Life tools: Exodus”

New technology! does not solve old problem.

icon for code development
The troll under the bridge. Illustration by Kay Nielsen from East of the Sun and West of the Moon (1914). From Commons.Wikimedia.Org

One of the more interesting things to come across my radar recently is [matrix].

Matrix is an open standard/protocol for real time communications, intending to allow different service providers to pass communications back and forth with end users being unaware. Even just as a concept that is pretty breathtaking. Continue reading “New technology! does not solve old problem.”


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I do not know why I appreciate it, but it sure is cool when someone much more knowledgeable than me says what I have been thinking about a topic.

Plasma mobile[O D] does seem to work better [than Phosh(D S)] but doesn’t run as well on slow devices