Prepped meals…

Ingredients are prepped during the EMFP Garden to Table Cooking Class, August 6, 2015, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Erica Holbert-Siebert) From Scott Air Force Base

The latest grocery trend, for some years now, has been home delivery of ever-more-prepared ingredients. The more urban your environment, the more options you have to get almost-completely-cooked food delivered. Well, you can also get completely cooked food, too. Continue reading “Prepped meals…”


Venez çà!

This is a cool phrase! just ask me. Roughly speaking, it translates to “come hither”, a rather dated word choice in French. It is also our latest domain, and where we are hosting our url-shortener and paste-bin.

Long and involved rabbit holes

A color illustration of a king on a throne
The Coronation of Hugues Capet (941-996), 988. Miniature from a manuscript of the 13th or 14th century. B.N., Paris, France

A fellow amateur genealogist shared a link to a ‘sketch’ family tree, including one of our prominent family lines – the Cartier ancestry, which has particular interest for me. But what caught my eye was the date of the earliest death, 966 CE. Continue reading “Long and involved rabbit holes”