Our family sites are our hobbies. We put a lot of effort and time into making them work for all our relations. We hope you enjoy your time here, and find what you're looking for.


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We can control the clouds. Our cloud lets us have all the benefits of internet clouds, and all the control of owning every element of the system. Implementing the best of open standards for encryption, connectivity, privacy, and security we can manage our own assets and resources. Yes, we can.

Photo gallery

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The family photo album is intended as a place for all those perhaps-not-quite-artistic photos to land, and not be sucked up into search engines. Here we can share the dated styles or embarrassing moments without fear they will end up in some future employer's background check.

Genealogy online

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More than 2,000 individuals, 700 surnames, and 600 years of ancestors and relations however remote they may be. Start your own personal family tree, or join the collaboration, or just browse through the family history and stories on Tree.saewyc.ca .

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