Welcome to our home domain, where we have a small palette of websites and services we would really rather not do without. Whether it is our cloud connecting our various devices (keeping our contacts and friends in our rolodex, and not in some snooping corporation’s database) or the family collations of music, photos, or videos (omg I swear there’s a VHS here…) or the family stories and genealogies… these are the things we treasure, these are the tools we use, this is the hub of our digital lives.

Photo gallery

Photography is a joy. Even only moderately skilled photographers manage, at least at times, to capture a feeling, a mood, a moment. It may take generations of not-really-gifted photographers to produce enough works to entertain, or to tell a story. We are okay with that.


One of our prime services/features/sites is a nextCloud installation. From file sharing to device sync-ing to Video chat to secure password safe… Yes, I said Video chat. With anyone with an internet connection and a browser – you do not have to install an app on your device to make or receive a video call. But shush! there are other cool things, too, like file receiving as well as sharing, with or without passwords, even federation shares. As in – share cool files with Amgine@cloud.saewyc.ca !!

Yah, it is super-cool.


We have some nice online assets. And we happily babble about them and ourselves, share our content, and if you are friends and family we will probably over-share. Seriously.

Still, it is all kinda cool. Even if you are not sure where we connect on the family tree, just want your own personal photo gallery (or to get un-watermarked copies of our public photos), some spare TB of storage, have question about family recipes or Canada, or other more esoteric internet-based resources, just contact us.



Broke the contact form, sorry… use this temporary e-mail addrsse: w AT saewyc.org

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